twitabit, tweet anytime

The switchAbit team loves Twitter. We love it so much that we can’t stop tweeting even if it’s down. That’s why we created twitabit.

Twitabit uses the store and forward technology developed for switchAbit to queue your tweets and post when Twitter is back online. We’ve also integrated your history and replies thanks to our friends at Summize.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

* Developers will be interested in the Twitter compatible API. Add reliable store and forward posting to your application with little hassle.


2 responses to “twitabit, tweet anytime

  1. Part of what makes Twitter so great is that it’s real time. (when it’s up) I am thinking, what if switchabit becomes latent, will this create an additional bottleneck? It’s great if you want to do some Microblogging but if you are using Twitter to actually communicate, it’s not a fix to Twitter downtime.

    Also, doesn’t the API go down more than the core service? Looks great otherwise guys and I look forward to using the service in the future.

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